“I just want to have my own cute little apartment with big windows and lots of plants everywhere and read a lot of books and go on adventure w/ friends and watch sunsets from my  rooftop.
– Tumblr via 1995june

Want to make it? All you need is..

• Baby spinach
• mint leafs
• 2 frozen bananas
• Juice (apple, orange etc.)
• Toppings (flax seeds, coconut flakes, 
goji berries etc.)

How you can make it..

Just mix the bananas together with the baby spinach, mint leafs and your apple juice in your 
blender and top it with your favorite fruits, seeds and nuts. FINISHED!

I promise, it doesn't taste like spinach!

Level of difficulty: 

*This recipe is raw, vegan and lactose/gluten free.*