“You cannot solve a problem with 
the same mind that created it.”
– Albert Einstein

 Want to make these? All you need is..

 70ml plant-based milk (e.g. Soy, Almond, Oat)
 30g wholegrain flour
 10g agave syrup
 ½ teaspoon baking powder
• 15g popped amaranth
 For some flavour: Cinnamon, vanilla etc. 
 Raspberries, Banana, coconut flakes, mulberries, raisins etc. 

The Cooking (ca. 5min)..

Combine all the ingredients (except the fruit) to a patter for pancakes. 
Then put 1-2 tablespoon per Pancake into a non-stick pan and bake it for 4min until it's golden brown. Place the pancakes onto a plate and garnish it with frozen raspberries, banana, coconut flakes and agave syrup. Finished!

Level of difficulty: 

*These pancakes are oil free, vegan and gluten free.*